She strokes your ears with pure tones, superb lyrics... lie back, open your ears and listen.”

— Phil Young, 97.1FM Melbourne, Australia

Discover A Voice You Need to Hear”

— Terry Kester, WPFW

It’s a powerful song, the understatement of the music, the otherworldly musical embellishments and cries for help which echo from these the simple and emotive words all hard to ignore. A song of solidarity and one of the most moving things you will hear for a long time to come.”-Dave Franklin, Dancing About Architecture 


"[Baron's] lyricism reveals a true sense of poetry.”-Beach Sloth 


"With 'Refugee' Laura Baron taps into a spirit of community, allowing a whole orchestra to neatly come together into a gorgeous tapestry.”-Beach Sloth 


"Baron’s vocal performance is a call beyond duty, ultimately superb. There is certainly something special about the music that Laura Baron makes and Refugee turns out to be the perfect greeting card.”-Warlock Asylum 


"Laura’s vocal performance in “Refugee” is stunning. Her voice is evocative and expressive. She breathes life into poignant lyrics...”-Band Camp Diaries